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and files available here.

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In November 1996 I made a small Website at America Online (AOL) that provided a
few detailed reference textfiles on Doom and a couple of other games.
In April 1998 the documents for the other games were moved off AOL to make room
for more Doom files.  In January 1999 I got some more space and those files
returned; But by then the Website's focus had switched entirely to Doom games,
so the non-Doom files were mostly kept in the background.
In September 2003 I moved everything off AOL, because their invasive "Hometown"
HTML code and graphics were clogging up bandwidth and actually interfering with
link functions on the site.

Today the files are divided among two separate Websites: - Classic Doom documents and files - Documents for all the other games

Since slow dial-up was still a thing back in the '90s, these sites were kept as
graphically barren (a.k.a. "boring" ;) as possible to maximize loading speed.
Both sites are non-profit, and are not owned by or affiliated with any business
or commercial entities.

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All the documents accessible here were typed up in their entirety by me (except
for the hosted FAQs), using a simple MS-DOS ASCII text editor.
Most of them are 79 characters wide, and all of them look best when viewed in a
monospaced-font format.  If the wide documents appear to run off the right edge
of the screen, you may want to expand your browser window, and/or adjust your
browser's fixed-font size.

Some Web browsers do not correctly support "Preformatted" text in HTML, and
fail to display blank lines where they're supposed to appear.  If your browser
doesn't display that text style correctly, then blocks of text all over this
site will appear to be mashed together vertically.  You can test your browser
by looking for a blank line between the end of this paragraph and the start of
the next: If there's no blank line between the word "browser" at the end of
this sentence and the word "All" at the beginning of the next sentence, then
try switching to another browser.

All information in these documents comes primarily from my own first-person
experience with the various games.  Any data gathered from outside sources was
verified, and corrected or clarified when necessary, by Yours Truly.

Many of these textfiles or HTML documents are Copyrighted.  If you wish to copy
them or post them on another Website, I ask only that they remain whole and
unedited in both form and content, and that they retain the Copyright note and
my Website addresses as they appear.  Thanks. :)

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Many files here are available for download, and some of these are "zipped up"
(compressed) to minimize file-transfer time.  If you've downloaded any ".zip"
files, they may need to be unzipped/decompressed before they can be used on
your computer.
You may already be using software that unzips downloaded files automatically.
If not, you'll need to use WinZIP, or the old PC shareware program PKUNZIP.EXE,
or some other file decompressor that can work with ZIP files.
Click to download PKUNZIP.EXE, v2.04g (about 29.4k)

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