16-BIT GAME CARTRIDGE FOR
                            THE SEGA GENESIS SYSTEM

                                GAME GENIE DATA

                              REVISION 09/27/2003


o This document is intended as an addendum to the DUNEXREF (Dune Extended
  Reference notes) document, and provides information on cheat codes that are
  available for use with the separately-sold Game Genie device by Galoob.

o A Sega Genesis System Console, model 1601, equipped with a Galoob Game Genie,
  model 7357, and one standard Genesis "3-button" controller (model 1650) was
  used as the test system for the codes described in this document.

o This document is 79 characters wide, and is best viewed in a monospaced font.
  The master HTML version is located here: http://Ledmeister.com/dunecode.htm
  The master text version is located here: http://Ledmeister.com/dunecode.txt

o Codes for selecting starting mission:

  Mission | Game code
  Notes: A code takes effect after the player chooses a House.  If PICK ANOTHER
  HOUSE is then selected on the Options Screen, the game restarts on mission 1.

o Skip past all missions to the ending sequence and game credits: BK0T-DA2C.

o All construction, universally, is faster and cheaper than normal: A5BA-AA6G.
  Specifically, all structure and unit manufacturing is faster and cheaper for
  both player-controlled and Computer-controlled forces.  All manufacturing can
  be completed within 1 second of game time (even at badly damaged facilities),
  for 50 credits or less.  Note that this code does not affect the availability
  of palace units.

o No buildings are damaged when placed on rock instead of concrete: AMZT-AA6R.
  This code affects both player-controlled buildings and Computer-controlled

o Player-controlled buildings are fixed faster/cheaper than normal: ADAA-ACGR.
  Specifically, all player buildings can be fixed within 4 seconds of game
  time, for 25 credits or less.  This code does not affect Computer-controlled

o Cannot fix player-controlled buildings: ADAA-AAGR.  A FIX command will still
  consume credits, continuously, unless cancelled with a STOP command.  This
  code does not affect Computer-controlled buildings.

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