Virgin/Westwood hintline script for Dune: The Battle for Arrakis (Sega Genesis)

"For tips for beginning Dune players, press one.  For tips on spice harvesting
and production, press two.  For general combat tips, press three."

[A1] "You need both a windtrap and a refinery constructed before you can start
harvesting spice, so start building them right away.  Start moving your units
to locate spice fields while construction is underway.  Limit your explorations
to discovering spice locations until you have built a sufficiently strong
defensive force.  Click on units and buildings to display their status and
damage levels.  Keep an eye on your harvesters; they are your only means of
collecting spice.  Build a windtrap, two refineries, one spice silo and one
radar outpost in mission number two.  Beware, the enemy might drop units off at
your base.  Always keep some units nearby for protection."

[A2] "Remember you must harvest spice to receive credits to manufacture or
acquire any additional units or buildings.  Damaged factories produce slower,
but you can save money by not repairing a building unless the damage indicator
is yellow or red.  You need to build a radar outpost before any of your
factories will produce military vehicles in later missions.  Watch your spice
levels closely.  You will lose spice if you have insufficient storage.  Only
fully repaired factories can be upgraded to produce new and better vehicles.
The prices for items may change each time you enter the starport.  Shoot the
mounds in the sand in order to reveal secret spice blooms."

[A3] "For scouting tips, press one.  For tips on defense, press two.  For tips
on offense, press three.  For tips on sandworms, press four."

[B1] "Trikes are the best scouts when you're looking for the enemy base.  Try
not to reveal the enemy base until you have created a large base and have a
strong defensive unit."

[B2] "Use walls and turrets to defend your base.  Build turrets in groups of
three or four, but make sure that you have plenty of windtraps to power them.
Move your tanks and vehicles in groups for firepower support.  Concentrate the
firepower of several units on one target.  Run over infantry with tracked
vehicles such as tanks and harvesters.  Build a radar outpost for a more
detailed display of the area, but watch your power levels.  The radar display
will deactivate if your base is low on power.  Buildings will also be damaged
if your base is low on power."

[B3] "You will need to destroy all enemy buildings to win in later scenarios.
Rocket tanks cannot hit targets that are very close to them.  They are also
inaccurate.  Try not to target any enemy near your base, as you may hit some of
your own buildings.  Use the rocket tanks to attack the enemy base from a
distance.  Move your infantry onto an enemy building to quickly damage it, or
take over if the damage indicator is in the red.  Use rocket turrets to shoot
down ornithopters.  Move the Harkonnen Devastator into your enemy's base to
initiate an attack.  When the Devastator's damage level is in the yellow,
self-destruct it to do extensive damage to your enemy's infrastructure.  The
Atreides sonic tank is very effective on buildings and infantry but has light
armor, so protect it well.  The gas from the Ordos Deviator has only temporary
effects.  Deviated forces can sometimes be returned to your power if you shoot
at them."

[B4] "Sandworms will sometimes go away after consuming three units or if they
sustain fifty percent damage.  Move your men and vehicles along the rock so as
not to attract the sandworms, or to avoid them.  Watch the radar screen for
sandworm activity."

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