General update history for: QUAKECHT, MC1PS2XR, DUNEXREF

1997:     Basic structure laid out, prototype tables and many notes filled in
          Project shelved
1998:     Added N64 Quake 64
          Minor miscellaneous changes
          FAQ 65% finished, then shelved
1999:     Work resumes
          Split Saturn codes into 2 separate sections
          Added and began filling in code-interaction tables
          Added some more notes, corrected older ones
          FAQ 80% finished, then shelved
2000:     Minor miscellaneous changes
2001:     Minor miscellaneous changes
2002:     Minor miscellaneous changes
08/2003:  Work resumes
          Added more notes
          Retested old data, corrected some older notes, clarified others
          Finished code-interaction tables
          Moved codes-available table up to General-info section
          After testing, finished Saturn controller notes and diagrams
          Additions, deletions, changes in Glossary
          Many miscellaneous changes
08/31/03: Conversion of finished text version to HTML version
09/01/03: First public release
09/04/03: Corrected typo, left date unchanged
09/06/03: Minor miscellaneous changes
          09/06 version replaces version dated 09/01/03
09/10/03: Fixed sorting error in Glossary, left date unchanged
09/13/03: Added suppressed-momentum movement note to PC noclip-code info
          In Saturn Quake section, added link to new page on other Easter eggs
          Minor miscellaneous changes
          09/13 version replaces version dated 09/06/03
09/27/03: Reworded other-editions paragraph in Intro section
          Clarified "change health" item in general-codes table
          In PC notes, added "jumping" to the actions affected by "fly" code
          In PC notes, reworded blurb on "fly" code used in water/corrosives
          Changed URLs to reflect move from old to new domain
          Updated tagline
          Minor miscellaneous changes
11/15/03: Minor rewording of a couple of PC and Saturn notes
          Added "Frag" definition to Glossary
11/27/03: Fixed minor text-wrap error in Saturn note, left date unchanged
01/19/04: Reversed text/background colors in HTML version
01/24/04: Updated Copyright
11/13/04: Reworded PC Quake Quad-Damage cheat description
01/04/05: Updated Copyright, left date unchanged
08/20/05: Added Intro-section link to plain-text edition; left date unchanged
10/23/07: Fixed typo in 2 places (removed redundant word "percent")
          Updated Copyright
          10/23 version replaces version dated 11/13/2004
01/30/10: Updated Copyright
02/15/20: Minor changes in the Glossary section
          Updated old HTML code in QUAKECHT.HTM
          Updated Copyright

Current version of QUAKECHT.HTM / QUAKECHT.TXT

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11/00:    Prototype tables finished
12/00:    Prototype flowcharts finished
01/01:    Midnight Club Street Racing FAQ/document 75% finished, then shelved
08/02:    Work resumes, 95% finished, then shelved
03/29/03: Work resumes
          Filled in blank areas in "race environment" entries
          Many miscellaneous changes
04/05/03: Reconfigured some tables
          Minor rewording in unlocking Faasuto GT
          Minor changes to main sample-Career flowchart
          Added category comparisons to vehicle performance charts
          Rearranged some text blocks
          Minor miscellaneous additions and changes
04/12/03: Double-checked Nitrous only regenerates in CTF, added note
          Double-checked Career unlocks echoed in Arcade, added note
          Added notes on Arcade data loss
          Rearranged/repeated some text blocks
          Minor miscellaneous changes
          Generated HTML version of ASCII-text document
          First public release of text and HTML versions
04/13/03: Minor typos corrected
          Minor miscellaneous additions
          Many more in-document links added to HTML version
04/19/03: Added notes on Waypoint-10 races repeating due to game flaw
04/23/03: Added more links to vehicle tables and data sheets in HTML version
          Fixed incorrect link in HTML version (linked to wrong section)
04/24/03: Added or revised Waypoint-10 unlock blurbs on Waypoint data sheets
          Added more links to HTML version
04/26/03: Added blurbs on Hookman/Champ starting locations to Career section
04/29/03: Reworded some notes, copied some notes to different sections
          Minor miscellaneous changes
05/05/03: Clarified notes on Hookman removal from cities
          Fixed minor typo in Nitros-section notes
          Removed text glitch from paragraph in HTML version
05/10/03: Minor miscellaneous changes to some paragraphs
05/12/03: Added missing Fiorenza unlock note to detailed-Career flowchart
          Clarified unlock notes in data sheets for first 3 NY Hookman vehicles
06/01/03: Swapped 2 blurbs in Controls section
          Added note under Controls about shortening the game's intro segments
          Minor edits to descriptions in Piranha PDQ sheets
06/05/03: Corrected typo, left date as 06/01/03
06/21/03: Refined/corrected unlock tree for Waypoint-10 races in Arcade mode
06/28/03: Added note to Control section: Control references are for "Config A"
          Minor edits to notes in vehicle/race unlock tables
          Deleted notes about all London races locked until NW10 is won
          Minor miscellaneous changes
07/04/03: Minor miscellaneous changes
08/23/03: Modified some links to block AOL's "Hometown" banner; Date unchanged
09/27/03: Changed URLs to reflect move to new domain
          Updated tagline
01/19/04: Reversed text/background colors in HTML version
02/06/05: Revised "missing City Champ" blurb to be more generic
          Added "N2O" to glossary
          Added note that a broken Instant Replay is permanently broken
          Updated Copyright
          02/06/05 version replaces version dated 09/27/03
08/21/05: Added Intro-section link to plain-text edition; left date unchanged
01/30/10: Updated Copyright

Current version of MC1PS2XR.HTM / MC1PS2XR.TXT

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08/94:    First version released
1995-96:  Several miscellaneous changes, large and small
10/04/96: Last major release in the 1990s
1996-99:  Minor miscellaneous changes; HTML version created; dates unchanged
10/15/99: Removed "TT" HTML tags from DUNEXREF.HTM
10/14/00: Clarified game version as US/NTSC version in title bar
          Added expanded info on built-in cheat codes
          Added some notes to INTRODUCTION section
          Corrected and added info on use of spice/credits, and spice storage
          Added some new information on some existing topics
          Minor changes to placement grid formula notes
          Added OUTPOST COMMANDER to list of attainable ranks
          Added "specifications" (manual data) under unit and building topics
          Altered units-per-mission chart to show old units in new missions
          Rewrites, clarifications of many subjects; some minor corrections
          Paragraphs re-sorted under some topics
          Swapped terms "building" and "structure" throughout document
          Revised wait times for palace weapons
          Simplified starport units chart
          Added "storage facility" glossary definition, expanded others
          Added hyperlinks to building and unit charts in DUNEXREF.HTM
          Changes to navbar in DUNEXREF.HTM
          Minor miscellaneous changes
10/20/00: Restored some Death Hand info that somehow got deleted
          Modified units-per-mission chart, corrected some data
07/21/01: Fixed minor typo
          Updated tagline
10/12/02: Specified DUNEXREF.HTM's web address in the Intro section
          Minor change to tagline
08/23/03: Modified some links to block AOL's "Hometown" banner; Date unchanged
09/27/03: Changed URLs to reflect move to new domain
          Updated tagline
01/19/04: Reversed text/background colors in HTML version, left date unchanged
02/06/05: Updated Copyright, left date unchanged
01/30/10: Updated Copyright

Current version of DUNEXREF.HTM / DUNEXREF.TXT

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